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Hula Hoop Dancing, also known as Hooping, is a combination of dancing and hula hooping, where the dancer rotates the hoop on all parts of their body, not just the waist like with traditional hula hooping. Hoop dance artists incorporate many difference dance styles into their routines, including rhythmic gymnastics, hip-hop, freestyle dance, fire dance, twirling, and more.

Most hoopers make their own hoops, which are different from the traditional children's hula hoops, and this allows for more controlled movement around the body. Some gyms even now have hoop dance classes, which help build strength, muscle tone, balance, and flexibility. A 30 minute hooping workout burns around 200 calories.

Here are some of the best hoop dancing videos:

That Old Pair of Jeans by Fatboy Slim - Hula Hooping Version:

Rachael Lust Dancing to "Say Hey (I Love You)" by Michael Franti & Spearhead:

Fast Hula Hoop Dancer from Foreign TV Show:

Baketball Hooping:

Graceful, Smooth Hooping to the song Jezebel by Iron & Wine:

Small Hula Hooping by Tiana Zoumer:

Ciara Blossom:

Pregnant Hooping:

Lisa Lottie Street Hula Hoop:

Native American Hoop Dancing by World Champion Brian Hammill:

Kaylee Brown Hooping to Alive by Kid Cudi:

Fire Hooping by Samantha Hollandsworth:

Satya in London:

Lisa Angel at Flow Festival:

Futuristic LED Hooping to Dance of the Pixies by Machinima Sound:

Rachael Lust - Dubstep Hooping:

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